For men’s fashion, the 1940s are considered the time when men could finally be considered a gentleman. Practicality was one of the main values that war brought us back of, in every aspect of our lives. Plain and simple clothing was preferred, without flashy accessories. The starting of Hollywood was as well during this time. The article outlines some of the trends which made the 1940s an exciting decade for male fashion.

The 90s saw the growth of subcultures, such as hip-hop and grunge as well as rave which went on to influence the popular culture. The youth-focused styles were in direct opposition to the excesses that had been prevalent in the past two decades. Tee-shirts and jeans were an everyday item, while sneakers and hoodies were a prominent feature. The trend was particularly popular among men and helped to transition from a casual dress uniform to work attire.

In the ’90s, we also saw the beginning of the casual work wardrobe. Workforce members wore the first casual workwear ensembles. These clothes were paired with turtlenecks, jeans, Polo shirts, and jean jackets but they were surprisingly conservative. It was at this time that youth started to adopt sportswear and hip-hop as their main pieces of clothing. Thus, the trend of in the 90s also witnessed the rise of the contemporary sporty uniform.

The 1970s were a new era in men’s style. The ease of travel meant that synthetic material cost dropped dramatically, so individuals could afford everything they wanted. Men began to sport brighter sportswear along with graphic-printed button-downs. The casual clothing of men was popular in the 80s. With the introduction of hoodies and jeans young people embraced sportswear and college attire.

In the ’90s, we saw the rise of speedy fashion. Prices of clothes fell due to globalization and outsourcing. Classes that were built on size also fell away. The result was that ’90s men’s fashion featured leather outfits, puffy jackets, tracksuits as well as Rockport boots. The following decade was when the trend of ‘futuristic’ was able to dictate the manner in which men dressed.

The 1990s were a time when men donned three-piece suits in style. The suits were adorned with a broad lapel along with slim trousers and a waistcoat that was high-rise. As the decade progressed, tie sizes increased, and shirts were shorter and more pointed. Fashion for men in the 1990s evolved through the era of sporty clothing. Fashionistas of this decade have changed the face of the fashion world. The 1980s were a time when simplicity was the main aspect. Men wore lighter and less formal clothes, which meant they were more functional. The casual suit was a one-breasted jacket, with small lapels, and tailored trousers. It also includes the button-down top, which has a the club collar and button-down shirt. The pants are long and tie-free. Shirts were paired with leather sneakers and boaters. The styles of the past are popular even today, although men’s apparel has been modernized in the past century.