Priest 2011

Priest (2011) นักบุญปีศาจ

Priest The devastation of the earth’s surface was the result of an ongoing conflict for centuries between humans, and vampires. This resulted in the creation of the democratic system known as The Church. Despite their vulnerability to the sun and the technological advancements made by humans vampires were a challenge to conquer. Humanity defended them with massive cities with walls and trained priests to change the tide.

The opening scene depicts the group of Priests who are entering the Sola Mira Hive, but they are attacked by vampires. One of them is taken from behind, and the leader tries to free him, but he is then forced to release him. Then, he is dragged to the hive screaming.

Most vampires were killed a few years afterward. The war ended and the Priests were disbanded by Clergy. Many people are looking for ways to get out of the walls of cities.

Hicks ( Cam Giandet) is approached by Priest ( Paul Bettany), who serves as the sheriff of Augustine. Priest finds out that Owen and his brother and Owen’s girlfriend Shannon (Priest’s girlfriend before being enlisted into the clergy) were killed in the attack of vampires, as Priest’s niece Lucy ( Lily Collins) was abducted. Hicks asks Priest’s help in rescuing Lucy. Priest asks the Church to reinstate his authority. But, Monsignor Orelas ( Christopher Plummer) the head of the Church, isn’t convinced of the story of the vampire. He rebuts the request to believe that all believe the vampires have been defeated. The reason for this is the fear of losing authority in the Church. Orelas is sent three priests and an altar-maid ( Mag Q) to try and bring the priest back.

Priest and Hicks arrive at Nightshade Reservation, where they discover Familiars who are infected with the virus which makes them submissive to vampires. After a bloody fight, they discover that the majority of vampires have sought shelter within Sola Mira. This was thought to have been abandoned following the conflict. Priestess, who was a part of Priest’s failed assault on Hive and Hive, is also a part of the group at Sola Mira. After the team has destroyed the Hive Guardian vampire they discover that the vampires have bred an army, and dug tunnels through the mountain to get to Jericho. As night falls three more Priests arrive in Jericho and an armored train is able to unleash hundreds of troops on the people. A powerful and mysterious human wearing a black hat leads the vampires ( Karl Urban). Black Hat kills all three Priests who refuse to accept his invitation to join him.

Priest as well as Priestess and Hicks arrive at Jericho the next day to find the town deserted, and three of the deceased Priests were crucified.. Priestess and Priestess have an intimate moment in which she reveals her feelings towards Shannon and hopes that he won’t be a slave to her after Shannon has gone. Priest gently declines. Priest is slow to admit that vampires utilized trains to travel through the day and night , threatening towns for free at evening. Priest points out the walled cities along the route. Hicks says that the sun shields the cities, however Priest claims that the huge smoke and Ash clouds that cover the cities has permanently blocked sunlight. A city’s attack could result in a mass murder when the train is close to the city. Priest HD

Priest is threatened by Hicks who is in love with Lucy and believes that Priest will kill her if she becomes infected by the vampires. Priestess informs Priestess that she isn’t able to as Lucy is the daughter of Priest, and she claims that Owen was Priest’s father and husband at the time of Priestess’s arrest by the Church. Lucy was not informed of the facts regarding her parents.

Priestess rushes forward in order to drop a bomb on railway tracks. Priestess and Hicks take off on a train to save Lucy. They fight Familiars and vampires until Black Hat finally defeats them when they discover Lucy. Black Hat is revealed to be the priest who perished in life during the battle against Sola Mira. The vampire queen offered Black Hat blood following the time his capture. This was the first hybrid of human and vampire that is able to endure the sun. Lucy discovers the truth about her family’s history while Priest fights Black Hat. Priestess battles many Familiars along the track in front of the train, but only one of them beats the detonator. Instead, she puts explosives on her motorcycle and then drives them into the engine of the train. The derailment and explosion destroys all vampires. Black Hat is engulfed in fires. Hicks Priest, Priestess and Lucy are able to escape.

Priest is back in the city, arguing with Monsignor Orelas during Mass. He informs him about the burning train which contained the bodies of the vampires however, it was not the Queen’s. The priest then shocks the crowd with a headless vampire thrown on the floor. Orelas isn’t convinced and claims that the war is over. Priest however claims that the war is just beginning. Priestess and Priestess meet outside the city. She confirms that the other Priests were informed and plans to meet them at a rendezvous place. Priest leaves to the evening light.