Godzilla Resurgence 2016

Godzilla Resurgence (2016) ก็อดซิลล่า: รีเซอร์เจนซ์

Godzilla Resurgence  The Japan Coast Guard finds an abandoned yacht in Tokyo Bay. Their vessel is damaged, as well as the Tokyo Bay aqua-Line is flooded. Rando Yaguchi, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, speculates that the incident was caused by a living creature after he watched an viral video. His theory is confirmed when reports of a massive tail emerging from the ocean. The creature is swiftly moving towards the inland, moving through the Kamata district of Tokyo despite the insufficient evacuation. It leaves an ash trail of destruction as well as many victims and then transforms into a bipedal, red-skinned creature , before returning to the sea.

While Yaguchi is in command of the task force that will investigate the creature, officials of the government are focused on the safety of civilians and military strategy. The group finds that the creature is being stimulated through nuclear fission after receiving high radiation readings. Kayoco Anne Patterson from the U.S. is designated as an envoy special. She reveals that Goro Maki (a notoriously disgraced and strongly antinuclear Zoology professor) had been studying radioactive contamination and had speculated regarding the existence of the creature. However the American and Japanese scientific circles disbelieved the theory. He was then stopped by the U.S. from making his findings public. Maki was the one to discover the abandoned yacht in Tokyo Bay. He left behind his research notes in the vessel, which he later forgot to enter into a code.

Following Maki’s work The creature is named Godzilla and arrives at Kamakura in its journey to Tokyo. The Japan Self-Defense Forces mobilise, but their strikes do not have any effect, and they are forced to retreat when Godzilla penetrates their defensive lines into the city. The U.S. intervenes with a massively-destructive air strike plan, prompting the evacuation of civilians and government personnel. U.S. B-2 Bombers cause serious injuries to Godzilla with MOP bombs. Godzilla rapidly recovers and releases a string of destructive atomic radiations through its mouth and dorsal plates. It destroys the helicopter that carried the prime minister as well as high-ranking government officials. It also incinerates and damages vast areas of Tokyo. Godzilla ceases to move once it has exhausted its energy.

Yaguchi’s team has discovered that Godzilla’s plates and blood act as a cooling system and theorize that they could make use of a coagulating agent to freeze it. They find out that Godzilla is an evolving creature capable of reproducing sexually. Japan is warned by the United Nations that thermonuclear weapons will be employed against Godzilla if they are unable to conquer it within a couple of days. Evacuations are ordered in multiple prefectures, in preparation for the nuclear attack. Patterson is not keen to see nuclear weapons detonated in Japan again and uses her political connections in order to get time for Yaguchi’s team who’s interim government has little faith.

Yaguchi’s team has the breakthrough of decoding Goro Maki’s encoded research using origami. They modify their plan and secure international support to implement their deep freeze strategy. A few hours prior to the scheduled nuclear strike, Japan enacts the deep freeze plan. Godzilla is enticed to unleash its atomic breath and energy to fight American drones. The team explodes explosives inside nearby buildings and in trains sent towards Godzilla’s feet which knocks Godzilla down and giving tankers brimming with the coagulant a chance to inject the coagulant into Godzilla’s mouth. While many people die in the process, Godzilla remains frozen. It’s discovered that the Godzilla strike has a brief time-to-live, and that Tokyo will be rebuilt in the near future. The international community has agreed to cancel the nuclear attack and the Japanese government has stated that a thermonuclear attack will be conducted immediately in the event Godzilla rewakens. The tail of Godzilla is a representation of humanoid animals that are frozen as they emerge from the process.

Godzilla Resurgence